We are a group of active real estate investors in Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire seeking expanded connections with more investors to increase business for all of us.   Join us at our FREE monthly Networking After Hours events, where you will find people willing to share information, resources and deals.

Next Meeting - Worcester, MA
Tuesday July 18, 2017

Best Practices: Here's Your 
Chance to Ask it All!

“I wish I knew someone who is knowledgeable about <fill in the blank>, so I could ask about…….”  This happens to all of us.  We have questions and don’t know the right person to ask.  Or we thought we did, but it turns out that we need even more information.  

We’ve assembled a group of local experts ... (read more)

Next Waltham Meeting
Tues., August 15, 2017

To Be Announced!

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Our Philosophy

We are a group of real estate investors seeking a means to meet and interact with other like minded investors and related professionals, so we can all do more deals and conduct more business.

Based on this premise, we have the following guidelines for our Networking After Hours events (more)


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