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Next Meeting - Worcester, MA
Tuesday January 17, 2017 - Worcester, MA

Saving Time & Saving Money: Property Management Software Review

If you are like most of us, you use some form of software to manage your rentals.  It could be anything from a

simple Excel spreadsheet to a complex feature-rich package.  How do you know if it’s a good solution for your needs?  And what happens as you grow?  Will you soon outgrow your current system?

Daniel has spent significant time reviewing various types of software to make his property management life easier.  He’ll be sharing the results of his research along with his conclusions, and his discussions with other users.    He will highlight some of the differences and how they might apply to various companies and users.

You will hear:

–  Several software solutions and how they meet the

    needs of different types of companies

–  The trade-off of ease of use vs. complexity

–  The differences you should consider for

    landlord/owners vs. property managers for others

–  In-operability with other software you use, such as

    • Marketing

    • Accounting

    • Tenant Screening

    • And More!

–  Pros and cons of PC-based vs. Cloud-based solutions

–  How they handle multiple users, both simultaneously or now.

Please bring your experiences and recommendations to share with the group because, as always, the presentation is interactive. Questions are encouraged!

Who: All are welcome, free to attend

What: The best real estate investing networking in Massachusetts, with the highest percentage of seasoned investors.  No selling speakers, no memberships, no meeting fees, no multi-level marketing

Where:  Leo's Ristorante, 11 Leo Turo Way, Worcester, MA 01604

When:  Tuesday Jan. 17, 2017, Networking 6PM, Program starts 6:30PM

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Leo’s Ristorante 
11 Leo Turo Way, Worcester MA

Third Tuesday

6 PM Networking

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